Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Did you know that Peter is a squirrel? It's true, I've seen him for 2 years now eating my pumpkins in mid day on my front porch. He lives in that tree and it only took a few days for this to happen to my pumpkin. I had 2 good sized pumpkins and one baby pumpkin. A few days later the baby pumpkin had been swiped. No sign of it. A few more days later, and I have a gaping hole exposing the inerds of another pumpkin, thus doomed for the trash to prevent a swam of ants that have already appeared. I would really like to enjoy having pumpkins on my porch to create a festive Fall display. Instead, when I drive up to my house I see Peter on top of my pumpkin digging away and bits of pumpkin flying everywhere. I don't understand why my porch gets the squirrel and not my neighbor who lives just 2 doors down (in a townhome community) with a much larger Fall display than mine. What shall I do?

Time Out for Women

Last Saturday I attended Time Out For Women in Philadelphia. It is a church conference for women with wonderful, uplifting presenters. A lot of women from the ward attended and it was so fun to be together. I sat on the front row, right by the presenters, who also had really fun personalities. Hillary Weeks was the musical artist and I loved her. She is so funny and very talented. My other favorite speaker was Emily Watts. You should look up the schedule for next year and see if you can attend somewhere close to you.
Us and Hillary
The women

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, Who made those?

I did. Don't they look good? A couple of friends and I got together and made these yummy fall treats. I don't think I've ever eaten that much melted caramel by the spoonful before. It was so good.

Other Pictures from Texas

At the park.

They all have blankets they sleep with.

At the Grocery Store

Ready for Church
Going on a walk.
Sharla sent me to the salon to get a pedicure and a little r&r before leaving. We had such a great time with you all! We miss you.

Chuck E Cheese

For Don's birthday, the kids wanted to take him to Chuck E Cheese! So, here the kids are having a great birthday party. As you can see, we try to get as many kids on one ride. Actually, they do that themselves.

Landon Goes to School

I went to visit the school I taught at while I was pregnant with Landon. It was so fun to see everyone and they loved seeing Landon.

Fifth grade colleagues.

Susan, our wonderful secretary.

After school we went over to Jessica's house. We taught at the same school and she had a little boy, William, 7 weeks before Landon. It was so fun to see them and they made the best spaghetti dinner.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Super Mario Bros.

Ben was getting a room makeover and the theme was Super Mario Bros. Sharla found a pattern online to make Mario out of squares for a quilt and then we added borders, got it quilted professionally, made curtains and a few throw pillows. It turned out really cute. I didnt' get a picture of the room before I left so maybe Sharla's blog will have one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aliza's Advice

The day I got my speeding ticket I was on my way home from dropping Aliza off at preschool. When I picked her up that afternoon I pointed out the spot that I got pulled over by a walking cop, yes, a walking cop--in my lane. This is what she told me:

" Crystal! What are you thinking? You are wasting all your money. Now you have to do extra chores so you can get more allowance. But don't forget, when you get allowance you have to pay your tithing so we can build more churches and stuff."

She always speaks very matter of factly and cracks me up.

Grandparents Day at School

I will finally blog about my trip to TX. I've actually been home now for a couple of weeks but haven't posted because I'm lazy.

Grandparents Day: Ben, who is in first grade, called home from school a few days after I arrived and here's how it went.
Ben: Crystal, it's Grandparents Day at school. My teacher said you can come and bring Landon.
Crystal: Oh, what's grandparents day?
Ben: It's when grandparents come to school and eat lunch. Ok, see you soon.

A few minutes later his teacher calls back to make sure we understood what was going on. She said he'd been asking her all morning if he can call and invite his aunt and finally at recess she let him use her cell phone to call.

I picked up Subway on the way to the school and found Ben in the lunch room. It was sure fun to feel so special that he wanted me to come to lunch with him even though I wasn't his grandparent.

Here is our lunch conversation.....
Ben: Crystal, why did you have to move away?
Crystal: Because Uncle Troy had to go to school.
Ben: There's schools in Texas you know.
Crystal: Ya, but not the kind of school Troy is in.
Ben: Well, why don't you stay here and Troy goes to school there.
Crystal: That would be fun but I would miss Troy so much.
Ben: Just talk to him on the phone.
Crystal: Well, I'd want to see him too because I love him.
Ben: That's easy, just look at a picture.

Problem solved!