Sunday, November 22, 2009

Martha Stewart!!!

Last Wednesday we got to go see a taping of the Martha Stewart Show in New York!! We went as the Mormon Mommies and had a blast! It really was an amazing experience. The show will be aired on Black Friday, so everyone start clearing your schedules so you can look for us. The cameras were by us the whole time and we went home with a ton of giveaways! Our dear friend, Beth recently moved away and flew out here just to go with us. I'm so glad she did, she always makes a party!

At the end of the taping, Beth got to ask Martha a question. She asked her what she is doing for Thanksgiving and invited her over to her house! Does that look like the face of a #1 fan?

I got an autograph from the Greek Martha Stewart, Vefa!

Joey came out and took a picture with us, he was awesome. All the procuders loved our group because we were so crazy.

Grandma and Grandpa

A few weeks ago Grandma and Grandpa Wilde came to visit and it was exciting. We did some sight seeing around Philly and then went down to Washington DC for the weekend. I volunteered for the Marine Corp Marathon that weekend and got to help those runners at the end. It was a fun week and Landon loved Grandma and Grandpa!

Anyone still care to see our Halloween pictures?

Here's what we did for Halloween. We went trick or treating 3 times. Once at the Trunk or Treat, once around our Main Street area, and of course, with friends on Halloween night! Landon was a Dragon, but we will also accept him being called a dinosaur (everyone thought it was a dino which he also loved!). It rained quite a bit while trick or treating but we survivied.