Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Troy started school today after 3 months off. We had such a fun summer together and were able to do a lot. It's sad to see it end but good to get another year going.

Landon was so happy when Daddy came home.

Watermelon Boy

I thought Landon was so cute the other day eating his watermelon like a big boy. He loves watermelon, he'd probably eat a whole melon by himself if I'd let him.

Let the Games Begin

Last Friday, 8-8-08, we held an Olympic Party before opening ceremonies. We invited 4 other families over and ate Chinese food, had a torch relay, some olympic events, and then watched opening ceremonies as long as our kids would last.

Here's Landon handing off the torch to Lizzie.

Theses are all the torch runners. It was really cute to see them.

Here's a water relay to see who can get the most water transfered from one bucket to another in 30 seconds.

Wheel barrel races......we tied.

This is after the water balloon toss.

Before we went inside we gave all the kids glow sticks which were a hit.

And, here are our medalists!

Hope everyone is having fun watching the Olympics. Go USA!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Alwyas Fun When Grandparents Come

Troy's parents recently came to visit us for a week, or maybe they came to visit Landon for a week?! Here's what we did....

We went out for ice cream. Also, we introduced Grandma and Grandpa to water ice which they took to very well.

We walked around our park and then enjoyed an outdoor concert. We went swimming.

We toured Philadelphia. Troy was our tour guide. I helped.


The next day we left Landon with a babysitter and toured New York. Troy, again, was our tour guide. I helped. In the above picture we are on the Ferry going from Staten Island, where we park, to Manhattan.

Times Sqaure. We all got to see Hairspray!

We went for a really nice carriage ride in Central Park.

Here we are in Ocean City, NJ. Landon loved the ocean this time!

The boardwalk has a little amusment area so we put Landon on a few rides.

And, that's not all. The boys golfed, the girls shopped, Landon had birthday celebration #4 (this time no cake, just lots of toys), and Grandma and Grandpa got a real Philly Cheesesteak!