Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas-posted before February

On Christmas Eve we got together with some friends for dinner and a White Elephant gift exchange which the kids thought was so fun. We ate tons of appetizers and a delicious salmon dinner.
We came home and set up our tri-pod to get a family picture in front of our tree. Landon thought it was the funniest game to push the camera button then run and say CHHHEEEEESSSEEEE for a long time.

So we changed in our jammies and played the picture taking game again.

Getting goodies ready for Santa and reindeer.

Christmas morning!! Look what Santa brought.

Our Christmas breakfast...crunchy french toast with strawberries and cinnamon syrup.

Here is our traditional Christmas dinner. Pierois and cabbage rolls.

It was such a relaxing Christmas being on our own. We played with toys, watched our new movie "Up", cuddled, and drank hot chocolate.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Light Shows

A few days before Christmas Landon and I took a train down to the city and met up with Troy to go see some light shows. We first went to Macy's and saw this fun light show set to music. Then we walked over to the Comcast Center to see their Christmas Spectacular 3D on their big screen tv in the lobby.

Snowed In

So here I am again, trying to catch up with pictures almost a month old. The Saturday before Christmas we had a huge storm come through and we were snowed in. We actually loved playing in the snow, making cookies, watching movies, and playing games. It was nice to be together the weekend before Christmas instead of running all over town. This was the biggest storm we've seen Philadelphia have.