Monday, August 31, 2009

Utah Trip

Finally, here are the pictures from our trip to Utah. I know there are so many. No need to examine each picture, just keep scrolling so you get an idea of what we did while we were visiting.
Happy Pioneer Day!

Anyone who has spent time with us this summer knows how much this kid loves water. He doesn't bat an eye which worried me while staying at my parents house with a swimming pool in the backyard. He did really well though and never tried to go out on his own, thank goodness, but we did go for a swim every day!

My sister, Megan, blessed her baby while we were there. Baylee Rae Hoffman.

Oquirhh Mountain Temple open house.

Baylee's cute crib bedding.

Feeding the ducks in Megan's backyard.

Swimming at the Bountiful Rec Center.

This is Landon's favorite-floating. He has such good control in the water.

Playing in the water feature at Gateway Mall.

I got to see my college roomate, Katie, and 3 of her 4 children!

Playing in the slip and slide with cousins.

At day at the cabin and a boat ride which I have no pictures of. I left my camera somewhere else. The boat ride was a blast.

Isn't Baylee cute?

Four generations.

The view from my Grandparent's backyard is so pretty.
Landon found my Grandma's swimming suit hanging over the railing and put it on and kept saying "water, water, water".

Don't my Grandparents look great?

This picuture tuned out so cute. It was taken on my parents front porch after church.

More swimming.

We got to go to Park City and ride the alpine slide. This is such a blast. Here we are on our way up the mountain.

Here's the view from the top.

Landon and I!

This is what we slide down!

Ta Da!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emily and Jackson's visit to PA

I know I haven't blogged in a LONG time but here is what we've been up to the last few months. My cousin, Emily, and her little boy, Jackson, came to visit us for 2 weeks in July. We had a great time showing there where we live. Here are some of the highlights of their visit.
Going to Valley Forge

The Philadelphia Zoo, America's First Zoo! Much thanks to my friend, Jenn for going with us. Her pass allowed all of us in and saved us a lot of money. Thanks Jenn!

We toured Philadelphia in a day! Troy took Landon home halfway through the day which helped us be able to tour faster!

We got to see Troy at work in the Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Had to have some cheesesteaks!

Beach Day!

These two boys got along great. Jackson was sure great to put up with Landon copying everything he did.

Rita's water ice-another must have food.

Soft pretzels are also another must have food while you visit Philadelphia.

We even made it to Intercourse, PA to Amish country!

couldn't leave without out a buggy ride.

A day at the pool.

A day trip to NYC. Again, poor Troy got stuck with Landon, so we could really maximize our sight seeing. We saw just about all of Manhattan and even managed a broadway play-The Little Mermaid, which was wonderful!

We had a great with with you guys and hope you come to visit us again another time. Landon and I flew home with Emily and Jackson to UT which will be ny next post!