Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt

A must do for Easter!

Happy Anniversary!

Last month we celebrated our 7th Anniversary by going to see The Lion King! It was absolutely spectacular and a must see! The music was so powerful and the costumes so creative. We had a really great time.

Micky Mouse Waffles

My friend let me borrow her Mickey Mouse waffle iron to help get us geared up to going to Disneyland. He thought they were so fun he would ask for it every morning and wouldn't consider anything else.

How can you sleep like that?

This was back in January, but since I'm going through photos thought I'd post it. This is part of adjusting to a big boy bed.

Homemade bread, mmm mmm good!

Look at this beautiful homemade bread Troy made!

Swimming Lessons

Landon loves swimming and he's pretty good at it. He doesn't like much help as you can see!