Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to Texas?

So I've been in Texas a week and a half now. I came down to take care of my nephew and neices while my sister in law, Sharla went out of town. Ben (6), Aliza (4), and Lilly (15 months, only 4 days older than Landon). Here is what I've been welcomed with:

*Don and Sharla both have a stomach bug for several days
*Landon had strep throat and had to see a DR for an antibiotic
*I dropped my camera on the tile floor and broke it
*I got a speeding ticket with two babies in the car. My first ever ticket. Darn those Texas speed traps.
*Landon has now got a stomach bug with vomit/diahrea (sp?)
*Tropical storm is supposed to hit tomorrow, hopefully Sharla will be able to make her flight home

Yea for me. But I have also:

*had Blue Bell ice cream, yum!
*had a Kolache (cheese filled sausage wrapped in a cresent). I know that doesn't sound like anything I would like but Troy made me try it and I loved it.
*had some really cute conversations with Ben and Aliza, I'll post those later.
*started a sewing project with Sharla
*discovered exactly how much work twins really would be

Stay tuned for more Texas updates! When I get a camera I'll take pictures.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally.....He walks!!!

Last Monday, Landon finally started walking everywhere! He's been taking a few steps here, a few steps there, but if he fell he would crawl from there. It has been so fun this last week to see him walking all around and catching his balance. It has also been so nice not to worry about him crawling in dirty public places. He is so cute!