Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Landon

Lately Landon has figured out that when he goes to bed Mom and Dad stay up. This means he's figured out how to stall. He'll get ready for bed just fine and then after we say prayers he tries to come up with whatever he can to not go to bed. This particular evening he went over to his hats and was begging to put his hat on. Then, came the tie, yes, he had to have it on. Then, he wanted to sit down and play a tic tac toe game his cousins gave him for Christmas. We haven't even played it yet but he saw it and wanted to play. How am I supposed to say no? So we played a couple rounds and he caught on pretty fast. Then he ws ready for bed.

Another habit he is starting to form is helping himself to a treat while we clean up dinner. He loves these 100 calorie pack of cookies which he can get out of the cabinet. The other night I let him have some cookies and he took the package over to his horse, dumped the package out on the horse, ran over to the trash can to throw the package away, came back to sit on the side and use his horse like a table! Isn't he clever?

Snowfall--Philly Style

Last Monday we had a great snow storm to go and play in. Our friends Jenn and Evan who live just two doors down from us came out to play, too. It is so fun to have the boys live close together and be buddies. Philly snow doesn't last long so when it snows you better get out there.

They are such cute boys.

I got out our beach toys from the basement and they liked digging in the snow.

Landon loves playing in the snow so much that when we're heading out to the car he screams to get in his carseat. He must think I'm teasing him by heading outside just to be strapped in.


Once a month all twelve of us girls get together and play Bunco, eat delicious food, and hope to win a prize. It gets pretty exciting with all of us together and wanting to win. I really enjoy being able to get out without kids.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009


We went sledding and had so much fun. Landon laughed the whole way down the hill and then didn't want to let go of the sled to walk up the hill. Troy ended up carrying him on the sled. After a few times down the hill we decided to send him down by himself and he did so good. I have a video that I'll post later on. It made us wish that Philly had more snow....I guess we'll have to find a fun place in the Poconos!

Troy Turns the Big 3-0

Troy turned 30 on December 29 and I surprised him with an overnight at a bed and breakfast called The Gregory Inn. This was our first time being away from Landon overnight but he was really good for Grandma and Grandpa and we had a great time away. When we got back from the B&B, Troy wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. So we headed on over to play some games.

Can you believe Troy can fit in there?

Landon loved the candle and we had to relight it a few times so he could help blow it out.

I thought it was cute that they are both concetrating in this picture.

BYU Gear!

Happy Birthday Troy! I love you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Denver Children's Museum

Here's the firefighters! Denver has a beautiful Children's Museum and we had a great time there. I have the hardest time getting Landon to look at the camera that I give up on waiting for a smile. He really did have a great time there, even though his face looks "huh?".

Here is the garden.

Landon's favorite thing to do there was turn all the wheels. He was always finding some wheel to turn.

Future Dr. Wilde

Christma Morning

I know I'm a month behind but I still want to post all our Christmas pictures. Here is the tree before we divied up the gifts. We had such a great morning together and loved watching Landon get so excited.
Everything he opened had to get out of the box right away and you know kids toys aren't always the easist to open. Grandpa had a pocket knife on him (yes, even while wearing his pajamas) and ended up cutting himself pretty badly.

I loved his face.

Troy's aunt and uncle and two cousins came over for Christmas dinner. It was good to see them again. They were so sweet to come bringing more gifts for Landon to open which he wanted out of the box right away!

Christmas Eve Scripture Reading

While in Denver, Landon learned how to turn off and on the lamp. This is all he wanted to do when we were in the living room. While Grandpa Wilde was reading the Christmas Story in the New Testament, Landon gave him his opinion. It's a little hard to hear Landon but Grandpa repeats what he says. Also, this was the 2nd or 3rd account of the Christmas story being read so I don't blame Landon if he was done.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had a lot of different appetizers for dinner. It was a fun idea and really tasty.
After dinner we headed out to see the lights. This house was decked out with so much to see we had to get out of the car!

When we got home we opened our Christmas Eve presents or should I say pajamas! When Landon figured out something for him was in the wrapping paper he got excited.

Here are our new pajamas. We also read from the New Testement the accounts of Christ's birth which Landon wasn't very fond of. I'll post a video next.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Santa This Year

After going to 2 different malls and having the Santa line be hours worth of waiting we decided that it wasn't worth it this year. Knowing Landon, he wouldn't have sat on Santa's lap anyway. He has become very shy about strangers especially those in costume. We were, however, able to see this beautiful Christmas display where it was actually snowing!
Landon and Grandma Wilde
Then we let him climb,


and climb. What more could a toddler want?

The Holliday Family

This is my friend, Donette. We went to Clovis High School together along with her husband, Brian. We were on the drill team together for a few years and were great friends. They live in Colorado Springs so we were able to get together while we were in CO. It was so good to see her again and her growing family. The last time I saw her was at her wedding nearly five years ago. We had a great visit and picked up where we left off as if we didn't miss anything. It was really funny because we had the same haircut, purse, same color phone, and the boys have the same backpack and coat. Her two kids are Joslyn and Cohen. Cohen is exactly one year older than Landon. We hope it's not 5 years until we see you again!